Héritage Domaine Bilstain since 1973


Our story

The creation

Jean and Leon Crosset founded Domaine Trial Enduro. In the early days, the estate was a training ground for a small group of riders, nestled in a vast 30-hectare valley.

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Refreshment bar & catering

A cafeteria opens at Le Domaine, along with the launch of catering services. Little by little, the Domaine attracts more and more motorsports enthusiasts! These enthusiasts gather to enjoy the famous fricassées (still on the menu) or the delicious spaghetti bolognaises concocted by Paulette and Uncle George.


The Domaine is expanding rapidly

Entre 1975 et 1996, de nombreux travaux verront le jour au Domaine, en commençant par la création de la salle des fêtes. Suivront les gites et la conciergerie (qui n'existe plus au jour d'aujourd'hui).



From 1975 to 1996, Domaine Enduro had the honor of hosting the prestigious Trials World Championship.


The Coyotes

"Les Coyotes" is born with the creation of the bike trials club, adding a new dimension to the Domaine.

The Coyotes

Taking up the torch

Domaine Bilstain is now in the hands of the youngest brother, Léon Crosset, opening a new chapter in its history.

Léon Crosset

The introduction of the supermotard

Supermotard makes its debut at Domaine Bilstain, offering enthusiasts an even more exciting experience with training sessions organized every Wednesday.


Bilstain Aventure

In 2019, Bilstain Aventure was born with the mission of bringing together sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Our goal was to offer an activity that was entertaining, accessible and fun, in order to provide an unforgettable experience for our visitors.

Group electric bikes

Tickets & subscriptions

Come and practice your favorite sport at Domaine Bilstain! Discover our daily packages or opt for an annual subscription.

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Our restaurant

Discover our brand new restaurant, completely renovated in 2023! We welcome you from Tuesday to Sunday, all day long, and in the evening from Friday to Sunday. Come as you are and enjoy a friendly, relaxed atmosphere!

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